Proposed plans for Hoyland Common landscaping and replanting

Plans for landscaping and tree planting as part of the Hoyland Masterplan show the extensive work that developers will complete as the site progresses.

New woodlands, hedgerows, shrubs, wildflowers, and new habitat creation will create a ten per cent net gain in biodiversity – a requirement of the masterplan framework. The plans will develop another seven acres off-site for habitat creation, which is included in the agreement and will be monitored for a period of thirty-three years. 

Work taking place will include: 

  • An Ecology Appraisal that proposes the site design will provide a network of green corridors through and around the proposed commercial development plots. Outside of plots, green corridors, structural planting boundaries, and more open native grassland will allow wildlife movement. 
  • The design includes native woodland, thicket and hedgerow planting and native species grassland. A scheme of bat and bird boxes was also suggested, with an overarching landscape and ecology management plan in place to help make sure we have long-term benefits to biodiversity.  
  • The remainder of the biodiversity net gain is proposed to be achieved through enhancements of two off-site locations; one adjacent to the southern site boundary and Bell Ground (wood); and the other south-east of Darfield between the River Dearne and existing woodland around the disused railway corridor.
  • The masterplan requires the veteran tree on the edge of Bell Ground should be retained. To compensate for the vegetation lost, new areas of native woodland planting will include a woodland buffer, around 10m wide, running parallel to the M1 on the site's western boundary. 
  • The masterplan also requires trees and native hedgerows will be planted across the site. Extra-heavy standard trees are also to be planted along the link road.
  • The council's Biodiversity Officer has assessed the proposals for the site, and we have engaged with independent ecology consultants. 

We understand the visual impact of the site at the moment, and this is unavoidable in the construction phase. However, the plans to recover and enhance this site in Hoyland Common and the surrounding masterplan sites are a priority. 

Cllr Robert Frost, Barnsley Council's Cabinet Support Member for Place (Regeneration and Culture), said: "The sites in the Hoyland Masterplan required major redevelopment to support jobs creation in the area, and we know this has an impact on the landscape during the first phases. 

"In terms of replanting, this is a huge investment with hundreds of trees, hedgerows and wildflowers included. 

"This was a key focus of the masterplan framework - making sure we could work with developers to provide woodlands and landscapes that would be re-established and thrive in the future. 

"We know this is a long-term process, and plans will be carefully monitored, working with experts to create and support biodiversity across all sites." 

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