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Barnsley Council South Area Team is pleased to announce the launch of their South Area newsletter. The newsletter is a vital tool to keep residents informed about the work the area council, area team, ward alliance, and community groups do to improve the quality of life in the South Area.

The South Area Team works across Barnsley's Darfield, Hoyland Milton, Rockingham, and Wombwell electoral wards. The team's primary objective is to support residents, community groups, and councillors to work together to improve communities' quality of life. In addition, the team is available to provide guidance and information on funding opportunities, training, recruitment of volunteers, publicity, and project development ideas.

Julia Burrows, Executive Director of Public Health and Communities, says, "We encourage all residents to sign up and see all the great news and activities from the Barnsley Council South Area Team. Our new-look newsletter is the perfect way to stay up-to-date with all the community initiatives, programs, and events the team is working on and see where you can be involved. The South Area Team is committed to working with residents, community groups, and councillors to create a vibrant and prosperous community in the South Area. By subscribing to the newsletter, residents can stay informed and become part of the team's efforts to create a better future for all.”

The newsletter is easy to access, and residents can sign up by visiting the Barnsley Council's website or through the online sign-up form. Once subscribed, readers will receive the South Area Team newsletter along with other council updates on community initiatives, programs, events, and relevant news and information straight to their inbox.

Please visit the council's website for more information about the South Area Team.

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