Recycling centre repair works will mean temporary closures

Short closures of recycling centres across Barnsley will be required over the next few weeks while repair and maintenance work to improve the sites is carried out.

All four of our Household Waste Recycling Centres have all seen significant extra demand since the start of the pandemic. These repairs, originally due to take place last year, were delayed in order to minimise any further disputation.

It is not possible to delay the safety-related works any longer. These include resurfacing, repairs to boundary fencing, kerbstones and walls, electrical equipment testing, and repairing or replacing barriers.

The works will also include a number of improvements which will make the sites a more pleasant and efficient place to visit, including painting, new and improved signage, and removal of outdated equipment which will all help visitors move through the sites and deposit their waste more quickly.

Closures will be kept to an absolute minimum to allow the work to be carried out safely.

The sites are due to be closed as follows, although may be subject to change if any unexpected issues arise:

  • Penistone, Monday 10 May to Friday 14 May  (5 days)
  • Smithies, Monday 17 May to Friday 28 May (12 days)
  • Worsbrough, Monday 7 June to Monday 14 June (8 days)
  • Goldthorpe, Tuesday 15 June to Thursday 17 June (3 days)

The closures will provide an open, safe environment for the works to be carried out while keeping everyone safe.

Matt Gladstone, Executive Director for Place, said: “We’re aware there may be some disruption caused by these closures, however we cannot delay the repairs any longer. We hope people will understand the importance of making sure our recycling centres remain safe for both people visiting them and people working there.

“There will also be a noticeable improvement to the appearance of the sites and how easy it is to find your way around them which will improve the experience of those visiting them.

“We’ll be keeping our social media pages and website updated if there are any changes to the timetable and we’ll issue updates as each site reopens.”

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