Research suggests quitting smoking can help you with the rising cost of living

Latest analysis from Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) shows the average amount smokers spend on cigarettes each year is the same as the average household’s energy bills.

Their latest Smoking and Poverty Briefing highlights smoking as a key driver of inequalities in wealth and health. By giving quitting a go in 2023, smokers can improve their health and wellbeing while saving money to help them cope with the rising cost of living.

Giving up smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health, is proven to boost your wellbeing and can help you save money.

Support is available locally if you’re looking to make a fresh start this January by stopping smoking. NHS Yorkshire Smokefree offers a wide range of free and confidential support to suit you, including their online quit tool, advice helpline and free stop smoking products.

They have helped many local people to quit smoking for good, including Stephen.

Stephen’s main reason for quitting was to save money. He had tried to give up a couple of times without specialist support and always found himself going back to smoking.

The Barnsley Stop Smoking Service gave him the helping hand he needed, encouraging him to stick with it and reminding him why he wanted to quit.

Stephen said: “One of the main things that helped me was the daily motivational text messages. They were always positive and encouraging to help me keep going with my quit.

“The weekly calls were also amazing. The advisors were non-judgmental and very encouraging to stick with it.”

Stephen is now training for a new career thanks to the money he’s saved from stopping smoking. When asked what he’d say to people thinking about quitting, he said: “Just stick with it, you can do this. Sticking with it is really important. The help from the Barnsley Stop Smoking Service has been amazing.”

Find out how they can help you by visiting the NHS Yorkshire Smokefree website or calling 0800 612 0011 to speak to a friendly, trained advisor.

Councillor Caroline Makinson, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health and Communities, said: “In Barnsley, we want everyone to have the best possible chance of enjoying life in good physical and mental health. While 82% of people in Barnsley currently don’t smoke, we know getting the right support can help even more people quit for good.

“Whether you’re looking to quit for your health, wellbeing or wallet with the rising cost of living, NHS Yorkshire Smokefree are here to offer a helping hand. If you’re thinking about quitting and want some extra help, please get in touch with their friendly advisors.

“We will continue to work hard to make smoking invisible in our borough, including through our smoke-free zones across Barnsley and financial incentive schemes.

Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of ASH, said: “Getting help increases your chances of successfully stopping smoking threefold, and once you’ve succeeded, the benefits are multiple, particularly for those living in difficult circumstances.

“Everyone knows that stopping smoking puts money in your pocket and improves your physical health, but research shows that after six weeks or so, ex-smokers also find that they have lower levels of stress and anxiety than if they’d carried on smoking.”

We’re committed to seeing the next generation of children growing up in a place free from tobacco where smoking isn’t common. Learn more about how we’re making smoking invisible in Barnsley by visiting our website.

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