Rose Voucher fruit and veg scheme grows

An autumn walk welcomed visitors to Wombwell Family Centre today (Tuesday, 31 October) for the launch of the Rose Voucher scheme in the Dearne and South areas of Barnsley.

At the end of a leaf-lined path, homemade pumpkin and tomato soup was available, showing off the recipes that families can access and learn to make, and there was plenty of fruit and vegetables laid out in eye catching interactive displays for children to look at, touch, taste and smell.

Rose Vouchers are available to families on low incomes and worth £3 per child every week (double if the child is under one year of age). Vouchers can only be redeemed at markets that sell fresh fruit and vegetables. This means that the scheme not only helps young families but also supports Barnsley’s local markets.

One mother who has already signed up to collect Rose Vouchers is benefitting from £18 worth of vouchers per week, giving her whole family a really healthy start.

Some 25 people have already signed up in the Dearne and South area, which follows a highly successful pilot in central Barnsley, which now serves approximately 150 families.

The scheme is also bringing communities together, with some families choosing to pool their vouchers to buy bigger vegetable boxes from the market to share.

Market traders are also benefitting, with more people visiting their stalls, which is a boost to the local economy. Traders are thanked for their support, which has included top tips for fruit and veg. 

In the Dearne and South areas, voucher pick-up points will be at Wombwell Family Centre, Thurnscoe Family Centre, the Salvation Army Community Centre in Goldthorpe, and Barnsley Library in Wellington House. 

The vouchers can be used at fruit and veg stalls in Wombwell, Goldthorpe and Barnsley markets. Online delivery options are also available and information about this can be found at the voucher pick-up points.

Funding for the scheme has been provided by the Big Lottery Fund and Alexandra Rose Charity.

Information is also available by contacting 01226 753366 (South Area) and 01226 775885 (Dearne Area) and 01226 294604 (Central Area), or at any local Family Centre.

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