Sheffield City Region Better Business for All Partnership Regulators Workshop

Barnsley Council Regulatory Services staff will be part of an event aimed at bringing local regulators together with the local business community to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to thrive and grow.

The event, which takes place this Thursday, 3 October, has been organised by Better Business for All (BBfA) - a  national initiative lead by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 

The Sheffield City Region Councils have developed a Better Business for All Partnership with local business support organisations – Growth Hub, Federation of Small Business and Chambers of Commerce with the aim of providing a strategic and co-ordinated approach to regulatory activities and supporting growth in the region.

The Partnership is committed to helping frontline staff understand and deliver the BBfA message as “what can we do to help”. This is of course within the context of maintaining public protection and using regulation to curtail illegal and dangerous activities.

The regulators workshop will improve organisational and business awareness knowledge. Regulators will discover:

  • What is BBfA?
  • What business support services are out there in the SCR
  • What they have to offer?
  • What other agencies do to support businesses and how they could work together?
  • What it’s like to run a small business?

This will provide a platform to strengthen collaboration and launch further BBfA activities. The workshop is an essential first step to support SCR partnership aims by ensuring that BBfA is at the heart of all regulatory business support

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