South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership launches region's first Integrated Care Strategy

The South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) is delighted to announce the launch of a radical new Integrated Care Partnership strategy.

Developed together with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, our neighbouring councils, NHS providers and voluntary and community organisations, the strategy focuses on enabling everyone in our diverse communities to live happy, healthier lives for longer.

Yesterday, Cabinet members approved our strategy, which sets out our plans to work together across the region to continue improving health and wellbeing.

The strategy sets out our ambitions to:

  • Give the best possible start in life to children and young people.
  • Help our communities live healthier and longer lives.
  • Improve wellbeing for those with the greatest need.
  • Create strong, safe and vibrant communities.
  • Give our workforce the skills and resources they need to thrive.

By working together, our Integrated Care Partnership takes a leading role on these challenges and improving the health and wellbeing of those who live and work in the region.

Watch this video to hear what Wendy Lowder, our Executive Director for Place Health and Adult Social Care, wants to see for the future of South Yorkshire.

Oliver Coppard, South Yorkshire’s Mayor and ICP Chair, said: “I am determined we will make a positive difference to the health of our communities across South Yorkshire, and this strategy is where we start. We have to challenge ourselves to think radically about what we do and how we do it if we are going to make South Yorkshire a healthier, wealthier and happier place.

“That’s why this strategy is so important, as we look ahead over the next decade to 2030. The goals set out in our strategy will improve the health of our communities across South Yorkshire by tackling deep-seated inequalities in both outcomes and access to health care, make the most of the resources we have and make sure our health and care services support our wider objectives as a region.”

Pearse Butler, ICP Vice Chair and NHS South Yorkshire Chair, said: “Throughout November and December 2022, we reached out to as many people as possible in South Yorkshire, including our health and care workforce, children and young people, under-represented and socially excluded groups, and asked ‘What matters to you about your health and wellbeing?’. It was so important that our communities have a voice in this strategy.

“People told us there is a need for improved access to services, more information about health prevention and to provide people with the information, tools and capacity to manage their own care. As we move forward, we will continue to involve people in South Yorkshire with the delivery of the strategy, to ensure the voices of South Yorkshire people remain at the heart of all we do.”

Gavin Butler, Chief Executive of NHS South Yorkshire, said: “This is a really ambitious and exciting plan developed together with our partners across South Yorkshire, particularly the four Local Authorities and our VCSE colleagues. Our vision is for everyone in our diverse communities to live happy, healthier lives for longer.

“There’s a lot in the strategy but with the focus this week to ensure every child has the best start in life and is supported to be ‘school ready’ when the time comes. We know that about a third of children in SY live in poverty – that’s about 100,000 kids. Deprivation plays a huge part in poor health and fewer opportunities. But there are clear measures in the strategy so we can track our progress and be accountable to our communities for its delivery. I’m determined we’ll make a real difference for our communities.”

Read the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership Strategy on the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System website.

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