South Yorkshire Police Off-Road Bike Team - here to make a difference

We are working with South Yorkshire Police's Off-Road Bike Team to deter illegal vehicle users from accessing green spaces - and they urgently need your help.

Greenspace areas include public rights of way, parks, football pitches, golf courses and nature reserves. Sadly many of these areas are being damaged by illegal vehicles that are very often stolen and used in organised crime.

Easier reporting systems will now save waiting at the end of a phone and every incident you report will help build up a picture of what's happening where and when. We all need to change the public's perception and encourage everyone to report every incident.

Your report will provide vital information, which may include the number of people you've seen, the type of vehicle(s), date, time and location. If you can take note of the colours of vehicles and any distinctive clothing, that's even better.

You can report all incidents now via an online portal - the portal will initially ask for your details but these will be saved to make the process less timely for you to add further reports.

You can report incidents online.

There is also a dedicated Facebook page to contact the team directly with photos and videos. You can find South Yorkshire Police's Facebook page here.

With your help, we can all work together to protect our green spaces for legitimate users.

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