Speak up about adult abuse to save a life

Barnsley Council successfully supported Suicide Prevention Day earlier this month by encouraging others to recognise when somebody may be feeling vulnerable or struggling and simply asking if they’re #AlrightPal?

Following this, Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board wants to make sure that vulnerable people who are being harmed or at risk of abuse are able to speak out to reduce the negative impact on their mental health.

The Board has a duty to safeguard adults over the age of 18 who have care and support needs, even if they don’t have anyone working with them now; who are being harmed or at risk of being harmed or abused. Adult safeguarding tries to work with the adult to support them to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. 

Anybody can harm or abuse adults, in many ways. There is no particular type of person. Abuse can be undertaken by strangers, neighbours, friends, family, loved ones, social care staff, health staff, informal carers, users of services and paid for carers.

Abuse may be unintentional or intentional and may result in less or greater harm. Sometimes loved ones may cause harm due to stress.

Whatever the circumstances abuse is not acceptable and adults who need support deserve to live safe lives.

Residents who directly experience abuse or behaviour that worries them are urged to try and speak to somebody they trust or contact safeguarding adult services directly on (01226) 773300.

Not all adults will identify abusive or neglectful behaviour from another person, so all Barnsley residents are asked to remember that abuse is never acceptable and anyone who observes abusive behaviour or suspects it and who believe the victim is an adult at risk are also asked to report this on the same number.

Cllr Margaret Bruff, Cabinet Spokesperson for People (Safeguarding), said: "We will listen to anyone who has a concern, either about themselves or somebody else. We have skilled safeguarding workers who will help our most vulnerable residents stay safe."

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