Stay on your toes with the mind your step campaign

Barnsley Council will be sharing tips and advice to reduce the risk of falls for over 65's with the 'Mind Your Step' campaign.

This activity aims to raise awareness of the risks involved with falls for this age group and give advice on how to prevent falls.

Figures show that from 2017 to 2018, 1,302 hospital admissions were linked to falling over for this age group in the Barnsley borough. Five per cent of people who fall will suffer fractures and hospitalisation.

As well as physical injury, people who experience falls are likely to experience loss of confidence, independence, social isolation and loneliness.

Cllr Jenny Platts, Cabinet Spokesperson for Adults and Communities, said: "It's really important to understand the impact that falling can have on people and how this affects people's ability to stay independent, active and healthy."

"There are lots of ways we can look after ourselves and others to prevent injuries. Take a look at the information in the #MindYourStep campaign to see how taking care of your health, making simple changes to the home and doing exercises to improve strength and balance can help."

Find more information about older people’s health at

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