Takeover challenge inspires career opportunities in Barnsley’s young people

Cabinet members will be informed about Barnsley’s successful participation in the Children’s Commissioners Takeover Challenge for a third consecutive year, at its next meeting on Wednesday, 25 July.

The Takeover Challenge took place during November last year, with a number of focused activities and events.

The Takeover Challenge gives Children and Young People across the country the chance to experience the world of work and get involved in organisational decision making.

Barnsley’s participation in the Takeover Challenge in recent years has resulted in a Silver and Gold Commendation from the Children’s Commissioner.

Barnsley has continued to demonstrate a high level of participation and uses the Takeover Challenge as an opportunity to raise young people’s aspirations and ambitions for their future. For the 2017 week, Barnsley Council developed a programme aimed at helping a broader group of children and young people become ready for employment, including children in care and young care leavers.

Planning for the challenge was young people led. They were asked what career opportunity they were interested in and wanted to experience.  Based on their preferences, role and career matching were sought. This was a major development and change of emphasis to how the council approaches Takeover Challenge.

A report to members details how young people took on a number of different roles across Barnsley Council, South Yorkshire Police and other external organisations, building on the success of the previous two years.

Among the opportunities offered to the young people was a chance to ‘shadow’ elected Members and representatives of the Council’s senior management, as well as South Yorkshire Police, Barnsley Football Club, schools, and other external organisations.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for People (Achieving Potential) said: Both organisations and young people benefit from the Takeover Challenge. Children benefit from having their views heard, having fun and being inspired and the adult world gets a fresh, unique and creative perspective on important issues.

“This report is a further milestone in demonstrating the passion and commitment of children and young people in Barnsley, towards the world around them and of their desire to be involved in decisions which can make a positive difference to their lives as well as those around them.

“The feedback which emerged from many employers about the young people who took part in the Programme was greatly encouraging whilst the passion and enthusiasm shown by the young participants themselves. We should all be proud of and listen to our young people more. Many of the things they've done during takeover have changed the way organisations work permanently and for the better." 

The report can be read in full here http://bit.ly/2zLuqRB


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