Takeover Challenge sees another successful year

Barnsley once again took part in #TakeoverChallenge today, Friday 29 November. 

The Takeover Challenge was launched in 2007 by the Children’s Commissioner’s Office as a fun, imaginative and exciting activity to encourage organisations across England to open their doors to children and young people to take over adult roles. 

It gives children and young people across the country the chance to work with adults and get involved in organisational decision-making. 

Children benefit from having their views heard, having fun and being inspired and the adult world gets a fresh, unique and creative perspective on important issues. 

Locally, it is a great opportunity to promote participation in line with Barnsley’s Pledge to Children in Care and Care Leavers and ensures that children have a right to have their views heard on the decisions that affect their lives and for these views to be taken seriously. 

The day saw children and young people across Barnsley stepping into the shoes of a wide range of adult jobs, with opportunities offered including a day with:

  • Barnsley Town Neighbourhood Policing Team
  • Barnsley Council’s Chief Executive Sarah Norman
  • Barnsley Children’s Social Care
  • Family centres
  • Wigfield Farm
  • The Civic Theatre
  • Nursing in the Community
  • Public Health
  • NPS
  • Museums Twitter takeover

Around ten young people attended the joint Trust Executive Group and Safeguarding board meeting to share their experiences. Barnsley’s first Young Mayor, Alyssa Butler, was also sworn in at a Full Council meeting on Thursday 28 November as part of the Takeover Challenge programme.

Rachel Dickinson, Executive Director of People, said: “This day is a fantastic opportunity for young people across the borough to get a taste of working life, and to contribute and share their experiences in places that matter to them.

“We’re really pleased that so many services within Barnsley Council and our partners are offering placements for young people.”

The council has previously achieved a Gold Commendation from the Children’s Commissioner for the work carried out to support Takeover Day.

Takeover Day, and the aspect of the challenge this brings, also forms part of ‘Pathways to Success’ - Barnsley Council’s programme to support young people’s work readiness and employability as part of the Borough’s Employment and Skills Strategy.

This news is linked to Town Spirit, our new way of working better together. We believe, that if everyone in Barnsley does just one thing, we can make our borough a more welcoming place to live, work, invest and visit.

We'll do everything we can to help people and their family to achieve their potential by raising aspirations and creating a healthier, safer and better-educated population.

#OwnIt and help us to raise aspirations, confidence and develop enterprising behaviour by:

  • Preparing your children for starting school
  • Helping your children to get to school on time every day
  • Supporting your children to learn out of school
  • Helping young people in your family to stay in education and training
  • Committing to keep learning and develop your career

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