Town centre off licences join forces to stop the sale of high strength single cans

Barnsley town centre off-licences are being supported to join a new scheme by agreeing to not sell single cans of high strength alcohol, in a bid by Barnsley Council and South Yorkshire Police to crack down on street drinking, which contributes to anti-social behaviour and littering in the area.

Shops involved in the scheme, which is part of a wider approach to try to reduce high strength alcohol “Reduce the Strength” campaign, will display posters telling customers that they will not be able to buy single, high strength cans (lager, beer and cider over 6.5 per cent).

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “Some off-licences have been selling cans of imported lager with a high alcohol strength for  a very small amount of money per can. However, we’re seeing a significant shift in the approach of retailers; some have already voluntarily stopped selling single cans of high strength alcohol, while others have it included as part of their licence.

“The presence of street drinkers can be intimidating for members of the public walking in the town centre or as customers of nearby businesses, which in turn has a detrimental effect on the income for those companies.  We are investing in our town centre and want it to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone.”

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