We are celebrating the introduction of a third Mockingbird Fostering Constellation

This month we are celebrating the one-year launch of constellation one, the six-month launch of constellation two and the launch of constellation three.  

This celebration recognises that Barnsley is one of three Local Authorities that have successfully launched constellations during the pandemic. 

The Mockingbird Fostering Model is a programme in place to support foster families and parents. This extended family model has been implemented to improve placement stability, security, safety, and permanence for children. It improves peer support for foster carers, including regular joint planning, training, and social activities.  

To celebrate the success of Mockingbird, The Fostering Service will be holding a celebratory event on Sunday 17 October, which is a very exciting, fun-filled afternoon for all children and foster carers.  

The day will involve food, music, a raffle, games and football coaching.  It is an opportunity to thank our dedicated carers for their commitment to making Mockingbird a success. 

Cllr Trevor Cave, cabinet spokesperson for children’s services, said: “We're so pleased to see that the Mockingbird Family Model is continuing to be a success with the opening of a third constellation. It's great to see the true Barnsley spirit of foster families coming together to provide safe and loving homes for children who need it most.  

“Sunday 17 October is a day to thank all our wonderful foster families who have got involved in the Mockingbird programme, and a day for families to come together to celebrate”.  

"We always need people to put themselves forward as foster carers to provide safe, stable and loving homes for local children. The success of the Mockingbird project shows the support you can gain through fostering with us.” 

Anyone interested in getting involved, please complete an enquiry form online or contact the fostering team on (01226) 775876. 

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