We’re making sure children, young people and their families get the right help at the right time

Cabinet members will discuss the Children’s and Young People’s Early Help Strategy 2022-27 at their next meeting on Wednesday 19 October.

Early Help is our approach to providing support to children, young people, and their families as soon as problems start or when it’s likely there’ll be problems in the future.

We want to make sure that everyone works together to make Barnsley the best place that it can be for children and young people. This means making sure that people get the right help, at the right time, in the right place.

The strategy sets out our approach, priorities, and how we’ll make sure Early Help is working for Barnsley families.

Feedback from children, young people, and families includes:

  • “Finding the right support for me is what has helped me through difficult times, and I am very grateful for that.”
  • “It gives both us and our children the tools to deal with the problems they are having.”

You can also hear the real life experience of a Barnsley family who accessed Early Help in our Early Help Navigator video.

Cllr Trevor Cave, Cabinet spokesperson for children’s services, said: “This strategy will underpin Barnsley’s commitment to making the town the place of possibilities. Its success relies on the effort of all partners, including our children and families. We look forward to working together to make sure that children and families receive help and reach their full potential.”

Read the Children’s and Young People’s Early Help Strategy 2022-27 here.

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