We’re supporting parents-to-be to look after their mental health

Becoming a parent can be stressful. That’s why we’re supporting the NSPCC’s Pregnancy in Mind (PiM) programme, which supports parents with their emotional wellbeing, to help build a positive bond with their baby. 

PiM is a four-week group programme focused on mindfulness, relaxation, coping strategies and boosting your mood. Mums-to-be, dads-to-be and partners are all welcome. If you or your partner are at risk of, or are experiencing, mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression during pregnancy, PiM is here to support you. You can attend if you or your partner are between 12 and 26 weeks pregnant. You don’t need to have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression to take part in the programme. 

If you or someone you know feels anxious about pregnancy, it’s important to remember support is available. Sometimes taking the first step to access that support can be difficult, but it’s always worthwhile. PiM is a short, virtual programme which can help parents-to-be manage stress and recognise when something doesn’t feel right. The virtual sessions also provide a supportive environment for parents-to-be to meet and gain support from the practitioners and each other.  

To find out more, please speak to your midwife or call the NSPCC on 01274 381 440. 

Cllr Caroline Makinson, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health and Communities, said: “We want everyone in Barnsley to live in good physical and mental health, and this starts right from birth throughout your whole life. If you or your partner are pregnant and want support for your mental health, please reach out and take part in this programme. It’s free, easy, supportive, and can make all the difference to you and your baby’s health and wellbeing.” 

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