Weekly Coronavirus (COVID-19) update - Thursday 17 September

General update

Coronavirus (COVID-19 continues to increase nationally, with daily cases up at around 3,000.

This rise has been most notable in children and young people, and not associated with more severe illness or people needing admission to hospital.

However, in the last few days, we are also seeing a concerning rise in hospital cases.

National cases by specimen date by nation - 17 September 2020

Barnsley update

In Barnsley, while there was an increase in Coronavirus (COVID-19) through early September in line with the national increase, this has since levelled off.

We are now seeing around five cases a day locally which is similar to the number of cases through July and August (except for temporary smaller peaks).

We are not seeing a rise in hospital cases.

Barnsley daily cases by specimen date - 17 September 2020

Although this local easing is welcome, it could be only temporary and is not a cause for complacency or reassurance. We are in a particularly challenging time at the moment.

National testing capacity is low, so we are not testing as widely as before and some cases could be being missed. This is difficult for everyone.

We are seeing the welcome return to schools, colleges and universities, which does bring a new transmission risk that we need to manage closely.

The on-going national rise, and the pockets of local areas around the country with more severe increases, tells us that the risk from Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still very present.

The early signs of a rise in people with Coronavirus (COVID-19) needing an admission to hospital tells us that it is still a very serious and severe disease.

With this on-going risk in mind, and the potential for the additional challenges through winter (including flu, childhood infections, and the social and economic difficulties of on-going social distancing), we need to work together to keep the transmission of COVID-19 down in Barnsley.

We all need to follow the national guidance on face coverings and social distancing, staying safe, what to do when we or those we care for get symptoms and how to protect our NHS and health and care services. More information here: www.gov.uk/coronavirus

All figures can be found at https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/cases

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