Weekly Coronavirus (COVID-19) update - Tuesday 8 September


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been increasing again across the UK, with daily cases up above 2,000. The spread has been mostly in young people and so far we have not seen an increase in people who are becoming severely ill with the infection and fortunately no notable increase in deaths. However, there remains a real risk of this rise generating wider spread including into more vulnerable groups of people (such as the elderly or those with underlying disease) and we are starting to see signs of this in other parts of the country and in Europe. Adhering to the guidance, keeping transmission down and supporting  people at greater risk remains very important.

This chart shows the general trend across the UK.

UK cases by specimen date - 8 September 2020

This chart shows the change in the age breakdown of cases, with more young people recently.

Age and gender charts - 8 September 2020


We are seeing a similar rise in cases in Barnsley, with daily cases rising from around one to four at the end of August, to around 10to 20 in the last week. The chart below shows this local trend.

Daily cases by specimen date - 8 September 2020

As per the national trend, the increase in Barnsley is largely in children and young people and not associated with severe illness.

We continue to monitor this closely and to support schools and other educational and workplaces to control spread.

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