We're supporting Food Waste Action Week

This week, we're supporting Food Waste Action Week, a national campaign to help reduce food waste and protect the environment. 

An estimated 4.5 million tonnes of edible food is thrown away each year by UK households. Around 25% of this wasted food is due to cooking, preparing or serving too much - this costs UK households £3.5 billion each year. 

This year's campaign, ‘Win. Don’t Bin.’ aims to give people the knowledge and confidence to use up leftovers and reduce food waste. It also aims to raise awareness of how valuable food is in our lives and how making the most of everything we buy saves money, time and the planet. Across the week, we'll be sharing hits on tips on how you can be food savvy and reduce your leftovers.

Food takes months to grow before being delivered to shops for us to buy and eat. This process uses a lot of water, energy and transport to get it to our plates. Processes that can contribute to climate change. 

Abi Reid, Community Education Liaison Officer based at the Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham Waste Treatment Facility said: “We all want to save time and money and one way we can do that is by making our food go further. 

“We’re really proud to be supporting Food Waste Action Week again this year, this is a great campaign to celebrate life’s little wins and make the most of the food that we have.”

The ‘Win. Don’t Bin.’ promotion has been organised by the charity WRAP as part of its annual Food Waste Action Week which runs until Sunday 12 March.

Simple steps to help reduce food waste:

  • If any food is coming up to its use-by date and you don't need it straight away put it in the freezer for another day.
  • Eat up your leftovers the next day, you can make them into a different meal, for example, extra potatoes can be fried the next day.
  • Avoid having piles of fresh food which won't be eaten before it goes off.
  • Storing fresh fruit, vegetables and salad in the fridge can make them stay fresher for longer (except onions, bananas and whole pineapples).

For more information about how you could save money on your food bills visit Waste Less South Yorkshire or visit Love Food Hate Waste.

Find out more about food support available in Barnsley.

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