Working together to address poverty in Barnsley

At cabinet on Wednesday 19 August, councillors will hear about a programme of work from the overview and scrutiny committee (OSC) who agreed to undertake an investigation into poverty in Barnsley.

Given the heightened concerns regarding poverty both locally and nationally, the OSC felt it was an appropriate time to undertake work in this area. The investigation sought to understand the challenges around poverty in Barnsley and to hear views from several key agencies, and consider what recommendations could be made for improvements.

It’s expected that Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will have undoubtedly increased level of poverty in many ways as residents face uncertainty and hardship.

Improving the situation in Barnsley needs to be not only a council-wide response but also a community and partnership response, developing the economy in Barnsley to benefit all.

The report sets out measures to make sure that poverty remains clearly on the agenda across the council and partners.

Several areas were identified for potential development towards an inclusive economy, recovery post Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the development of the 2030 plan, that support “More and Better Jobs” to grow a thriving economy for local people and businesses. You can read the full report here

Cllr Jenny Platts, cabinet spokesperson for Adults and Communities, said; “This work is key to help us understand the issues around poverty in Barnsley and make some clear steps forward to help people across our borough; especially at this time, as many people are feeling the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19). It will require a whole council and partnership approach to make sure we continue to help residents and their families.”

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