Year-end performance report highlights our positive progress in making Barnsley the place of possibilities

Our museums and outdoor sites have seen a record-breaking 1,467,938 visitors in the last year, while our annual town centre footfall of 6,228,227 shows how our borough is recovering well from the pandemic.

These are just some of the fantastic achievements highlighted as part of our latest performance report, which sets out our progress over the past twelve months in achieving our vision and ambitions for Barnsley.

Our year-end corporate performance report (April 2021 to March 2022) will be presented and reviewed at Cabinet on Wednesday 1 June. These performance reports are a great way to make sure we’re on track to achieve our ambitions for our borough and identify any areas that need more attention or improvement.

Building on our Council Plan 2021-24, here are some of our year-end highlights:

We’re working towards a Healthy Barnsley by ensuring people can access the care and support they need – when and where they need it:

  • 1,161 people accessed reablement services over the last year, marking a massive increase of 62.8% on last year.
  • This year, anti-social behaviour incidents are down to 18.55 per 1,000 people, sitting below our annual target and the regional average.
  • We received 74 safeguarding concerns from adults in our borough, 6% above our target for the year and representing 3% of overall concerns reported.
  • Re-referrals into children’s social care within twelve months now sit at 18.5%, below our annual target of 19% and the national average.
  • Our excess winter deaths rate remains within 3% of the national average at 18.3%, meeting our target for the year.
  • We saw a slight improvement in reducing inequalities in life expectancy, reducing the gap from 9.1 years to 8.9 years for men and 8.6 years to 8.2 years for women.

We’re working towards a Learning Barnsley, where people have the opportunity to fulfil their learning potential and build the skills they need:

  • We saw three times more physical and digital visits to our libraries this year, with 328,938 visits recorded and events hosted across our libraries continuing to grow.
  • 68.2% of care leavers aged 19-21 are now in education, employment or training, significantly outperforming our statistical neighbours and the national average.
  • Primary school attendance across our borough sits at an impressive 96.6%, ahead of national and regional benchmarks for the year.
  • 10.9% of pupils are now receiving SEND support, above our annual target, thanks to great work in our schools to identify the correct support at the earliest opportunity.

We’ll be a Growing Barnsley by making our borough an inclusive place where people can gain employment and live in a high-quality homes:

  • We recorded a town centre footfall of 6,228,227, substantially ahead of our annual target of 4,750,000 and last year’s total.
  • We helped create 1,113 private sector jobs this year, bettering our target of 1,000 and improving on last year’s total.
  • We improved 161 homes under the Affordable Warmth Programme over the past year, improving on last year’s total and this year’s target of 150.

We’re creating a Sustainable Barnsley, where people live in great places, recycle more, waste less, and feel valued in their community:

  • The annual visitor numbers for our museums and outdoor sites hit a new high of 1,467,938, with a total economic impact of over £32 million.
  • We recorded 41.6 fly-tipping incidents per 1,000 households over the past year, significantly improving on last year’s 51.6 thanks to strong partnership working.
  • 10km of active travel routes have been created across Barnsley this year, beating our annual target and meaning we now have 67km in our borough.

Councillor Alan Gardiner, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “In Barnsley, we have bold ambitions for what we want our borough to be. We see it as a place which fosters and grows ambition, where everyone can lead healthy lives, live in quality homes and be the best they can be.

“This year-end performance report highlights the fantastic progress we’re making across our five priorities, which is a testament to the continued hard work of our employees with the support of our partners and communities.

“We could not do this without your support, so we thank you for helping us to continue building towards making Barnsley the place of possibilities.

“This year-end performance report also highlights areas where we need to improve. We’ll continue to tackle these issues head-on and work together to continue making progress throughout the next year.”

You can find out more information about the report in our cabinet papers.

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