#YouCanAdopt this National Adoption Week

Barnsley Council are calling on people from all backgrounds to come forward and become an adoptive parent as part of National Adoption Week, which begins on Monday 12 October.

#YouCanAdopt is part of a new national adoption recruitment campaign which seeks to dispel myths surrounding who can adopt to increase the number of people registering their interest in becoming an adoptive parent.

Throughout the week, the adoption team will hold virtual information sessions for those interested in adoption or who have questions about how they start their adoption journey.

To arrange a virtual meeting, please get in touch by sending an email to adoption@barnsley.gov.uk or call 01226 775 875. We will need an email address from you in order to set up the video call with one of our experienced adoption social workers.

We are holding the information sessions at the following times:
Monday 12 October (10am - 1pm)
Tuesday 13 October (1pm - 4pm)
Wednesday 14 October (4.30pm - 6.30pm)
Thursday 15 October (2pm - 5pm)
Friday 16 October (9.30am - 12pm)
Saturday 17 October (10am - 12pm)

Councillor Margaret Bruff, Cabinet Spokesperson for Children's Services, said: "We are proud to once again support National Adoption Week.

"People may think they won't be able to adopt a child for reasons including marital status, race, disability, sexuality, gender, employment status, income and many more but these are false assumptions and it’s important that we bust these myths.

"We welcome applications to become an adoptive parent or family from anyone in Barnsley who is over the age of 21, able to provide a bedroom and cover the living costs of the child. If you can provide a supportive and loving home to help change the life of a child, we would love to hear from you.

"I would encourage anyone who may be interested in becoming an adoptive parent to book in with our team for one of our virtual information sessions to start the journey."

For more information, visit our adoption page, contact the team on 01226 775875, email adoption@barnsley.gov.uk, or follow us on Barnsley Adoption Facebook and Barnsley Adoption Twitter. 

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