Young adults urged: don’t lose your voice this May!

Barnsley College students are helping Barnsley Council encourage people who are 18 on or before Thursday, 2 May to register to vote in order to be able to take part in the Barnsley local election.

Even if they won’t be 18 until after 3 May they can still register to vote for future local and general elections.

Anyone who is 17 years old can also register.

Samuel Bentley, 20, who is studying a Popular Music BA (Hons) degree, voted last year. He said: “Voting impacts the local community, it’s not just for personal benefit.”

Ann Birks, 19, who is a Business Administration Apprentice in the Enterprise department, will be voting for the first time this year. She added: “It’s an opportunity to make a difference locally.”

You qualify to register to vote if you are:

  • a British citizen
  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK
  • an EU citizen resident in the UK

It’s really easy to register in just five minutes at

The local elections are an opportunity for Barnsley people aged 18 and over to improve the local area by electing ward councillors.

Collectively, they make decisions on education services, environmental health, libraries, planning, transport, parks and public places, regulation of local businesses, social services, roads and footpaths and waste and recycling.

Find out more about Barnsley’s councillors, voting and the local elections at

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