Your chance to influence this year’s annual Director of public health report.

Barnsley residents are being asked to record their day to day activities and thoughts and feelings about their physical and mental health this Tuesday 7 November in order to create an annual Public Health report available for all to read that will be published early 2018. The report called  ‘A day in the life of…’ will provide a unique insight into the daily events that affect the physical and mental health of people who live in Barnsley. It will also provide the council’s Public Health team with a better understanding of what helps or hinders people to feel well.

Director of Public Health, Julia Burrows, who will create the annual report using the diary entries, wrote a public letter to Barnsley residents requesting their help to create content for the report which helps to identify any key issues, flag up any problems and describe how we are helping people live healthier lives. Not only that, it will also form an important piece of social history by providing generations to come with a record of everyday life in Barnsley.

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “Over the course of one day, we’re looking for people to tell us how they feel and why that might be. We’d also love to hear from Barnsley people about their ‘top tip’ for a healthy and happy life.”

All diaries will be completely anonymous. We have ensured that entries can be submitted without anyone being identified.

 ‘a day in the life of’ diary sheets can be completed online by visiting Alternatively, please feel free to download your diary sheet and email it to You can also post your diary sheet using FREEPOST to the following address: Freepost – A DAY IN THE LIFE OF or simply drop it off at your local family centre or library where post boxes will be available.

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