Youth Councillor chosen to represent Barnsley and the UK at this year’s G7 Youth Summit

Dominic Jones, a member of Barnsley Youth Council who has gone onto university, has been chosen as a UK delegate to the official Youth Summit of the G7 2021.

The Y7 is the official youth engagement group for the G7, the forum for the seven most advanced economies in the world.

Each G7 country selects 3 or 4 young people as delegates to come together and hold a public consultation. These delegates will work on policy recommendations through the year, before finalising them at the Y7 Summit to be submitted to the G7 Presidency.

This year, the summit is being hosted in the UK by the Future Leaders Network – a not-for-profit organisation that aims to discover and develop the next generation of political, economic and social leaders.  

The summit is a chance to champion the voice of young people at the highest level, influencing national and international responses and recovery priorities.

Dominic is one of four delegates chosen out of 236 applicants, as well as the youngest delegate chosen to represent the UK. He’s been on the Barnsley Youth Council since 2015 and has served in other roles such as Member of Youth Parliament, Sheffield City Region Youth Combined Authority Member. Dominic has also been part of the National Work Experience Action Group and on the National Youth Select Committee.

Dominic said: “The whole process is incredibly exciting, and I’m most excited about being able to represent the young people of the UK on an international stage. I want to be able to use my position to make a difference and really amplify the voices of young people. This role is my first experience of international representation and I’m eager to make a difference. It’s a real life-defining moment, and I aim to give and take as much as possible from the process.”

Cllr Margaret Bruff, Cabinet Spokesperson for People (Children), said: “It’s fantastic news that Dominic, one of our Youth Councillors, has been chosen as a delegate for this year’s Y7 summit. The voices of young people are incredibly important, and the summit is a great chance for young people to really make a difference at the highest level. I’d like to congratulate Dominic on such a brilliant achievement – it’s a great opportunity to get to represent both young people and our borough on the world stage.”

Supported by our Targeted Youth Service, Barnsley Youth Council actively engage on local, regional, and national levels to represent Barnsley young people and help to make their voices heard. There’s more information about the Youth Council on the Barnsley Youth Council webpage.

Find out more about the Y7 summit and the Future Leaders Network on the Future Leaders Network website.

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