Youth voices shine at summit

A number of Barnsley’s young people had their voices heard on the issues that matter to them the most, at the latest Youth Voice Summit.

As a result of the Make Your Mark ballot 2018, Barnsley Youth Council have been working on their priority campaigns throughout the year, consulting with their young constituents in school, holding committee meetings to work on tackling these issues for young people and developing links with professionals looking into strategies developed by young people and putting them into action.

The Youth Council invited different decision makers to the summit in order to establish positive links and ask for support with their campaigns. They also invited the other regional Youth Councils and cabinets in the region to showcase and share their work and the progress they have made.

The event was a huge success with Barnsley councillors, executives from transport, commissioners, and young people in attendance.

They all took part in a youth voice promise which they signed and made an individual commitment to support and empower young people and youth voice.

The Youth Voice Summit was based on five main priorities; Engaging, listening, recognising, empowering and acting. These five principles are vital in Youth Participation in order to allow organisations and services to effectively encourage and facilitate Youth Voice In a meaningful and healthy environment.

Barnsley Youth Council will ensure that these commitments and promises are upheld by the young people and the professionals in Barnsley who make a collective endeavour to support the work that the Youth Council do to make Barnsley a better place to live for all young people in the borough.

Cllr Margaret Bruff, Cabinet Spokesperson for People (Children) said: “We know that young people in Barnsley want to be heard, valued and appreciated.  As we heard from members of our Youth Council in the latest Children and Young People’s plan; ‘Professionals know the paper stuff; we know what young people think.’

“The tireless work, campaigns and events of the Youth Council are essential in helping us make Barnsley a place where they can grow and achieve.”

The Barnsley Children and Young People’s Plan 2019-22, states the council’s commitment to work with Barnsley Youth Council to achieve their campaign priorities; Equal Pay for Equal Work, Quality Work Experience, and a Curriculum to prepare us for life. It can be read in full here

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