No Place for Hate

The No Place for Hate campaign champions our borough to be the place of possibilities. A place where nobody faces abuse, online or in their community. We all need to realise the effect we can have on others when we comment or post online. We need to realise that what might just be seen as a comment by someone can cause real harm to others that read it.

Reporting online hate or abuse

Reporting abusive or harmful behaviour on social media

Many social media platforms have community standards which set out how those using the platforms should behave. Posts or comments which are abusive, harmful, harassment or false go against these standards and can be reported.

The platform may decide to take action against the reported content. You can also take action to protect yourself by blocking those who are not acting as they should online.

Find out more about how you can report posts or comments:

Reporting hate crime

If you experience or witness a hate crime online you can report it to us or South Yorkshire Police. Read more about hate and harassment.

Support the campaign

No Place for Hate isn’t just about tackling hate on our own social media pages. We want to create positive online communities across Barnsley and beyond. That’s why we’re asking for our everyone to get involved.

You can download our social media assets and share these onto your own pages with the hashtag #NoPlaceForHate.

Sign up to our pledge and let us know how you’ll help to challenge online hate.

Tackling hate and abuse on our social media pages

We’ve been taking steps to tackle abuse, false information and poor behaviour on our pages. Our social media acceptable use policy covers our zero-tolerance approach to abuse. We can take action against any post or comment on our channels which breaches this policy.