Eldon Street/Kendray Street/Midland Street/Regent Street South, Barnsley


Temporary traffic restrictions


An order will be made to introduce the following restrictions, from 13 November 2021 for approximately three months: 

  • Eldon Street – prohibition of waiting at any time on any day for any purpose on that part of the south eastern side of Eldon Street which extends from a point 13 metres south west of its junction with Midland Street in a south easterly direction for a distance of 70 metres, unless it is a licensed hackney carriage, available for use on all days at a times.
  • Kendray Street – road closed from the western kerb line of Midland Street in a westerly direction for a distance of 62 metres.

  • Midland Street – road closed for the full length unless it is a vehicle requiring access to premises situate on or adjacent for the purposes of loading and unloading goods or merchandise to or from the premises or it is site traffic for the Glassworks development project.

  • Regent Street South – a 10 mph speed restriction will be introduced for the full length. 


Construction of the Glass Works Development.


Henry Boot Construction Ltd, telephone: 07500 020008