Kendray Street/Schwabisch Gmund Way, Barnsley


Temporary one way restriction


An order will be made to introduce one-way restrictions to the following, from 1 June 2020 for approximately five weeks. The restrictions will be in place on a phased basis for approximately two weeks only sometime during this period, from 7.00 pm to 7.00 am:

  • Kendray Street – traffic will be allowed to travel from Pontefract Road towards Schwabisch Gmund Way only

  • Schwabisch Gmund Way – traffic will be allowed to travel from Kendray Street towards Eldon Street North only. Traffic will still be able to travel from Eldon Street North towards Mottram Street and vice versa for the duration of the restriction


Works to electric service


O’Connor Utilities, telephone: 07836 372850

Alternative route

Eldon Street North/Old Mill Lane/Harborough Hill road.