Sheffield Road, Springvale


Temporary road closure


An order will be made to close Sheffield Road, from outside Myers Buildings to house number 54, from 7.00 pm, 4 March 2021 to 6.00 am, 5 March 2021. 


Renew fire hydrant frame and cover.


Morrison Utility Services, telephone: 0345 124 2424

Alternative route

1. Church Street/Shrewsbury Road/Market Place/St Marys Street/Bridge Street/Barnsley Road/Huddersfield Road/Halifax Road/High Lee Lane/Oxspring Lane/Jockey Road/Bower Hill Road; 2. Bower Hill Road/Jockey Road/Oxspring Lane/High Lee Lane/Halifax Road/Wellhouse Lane West/Huddersfield Road/Barnsley Road/Bridge Street/St Marys Street/Market Street/Shrewsbury Road/Church Street