Wombwell bridleway no 54 and footpath nos. 20 and 55 and Hoyland footpath no 32 and non-definitive bridleway


Temporary closure


An order will be made to close sections of the Trans Pennine Trail from Cortonwood to Elsecar Heritage Centre, known formally as Wombwell bridleway no. 54 and footpath nos. 20 and 55, and Hoyland footpath no. 32 and non-definitive bridleway, starting at Cortonwood Roundabout near the entrance to Cortonwood Retail Park and proceeding generally southwest to and along the canal as far as Wath Road at Elsecar, on a rolling basis from the 10th of January for up to 6 months. Works are expected to be completed by the end of March.


Trans Pennine Trail widening.


Barnsley MBC Highways. Tel. 01226 773 55

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