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Tony's story

Tony was a student on our GOALS course; a short course run by our curriculum support team focusing on finding direction for your future and ways to improve your self esteem. Here's what Tony said about their experience:

"I enrolled on the GOALS course about enabling people to motivate themselves to change their lives. It took me in a direction I wasn't expecting; I embarked on a journey that changed my life. I may not be working at the moment, I may not have money, but one thing I do have since attending GOALS is the motivation and the will to succeed.

Sandra and Elaine who present the GOALS course are wonderful - they made me feel at ease from the beginning. I suffer from anxiety, so it was a great step for me to even go to a class. Mixing with others was a really big thing for me, but I got over it and fought my way past the fear. I also suffer from depression, so I didn’t know how it was going to affect me. I spent three wonderful days in a class with people I didn’t know, listening and all the time wondering whether this course was even for me. By the end I was convinced! The trainers spoke about how the mind is in one mind set, and that after a month of training the mind to think another way, anything is possible. It took me longer than a month to be honest, but it worked.

After GOALS ended I made an appointment with one of the team regarding what I could do next to achieve my goals. My goals have changed somewhat since leaving the course; at first it was mainly about having a job I wanted and would enjoy. So I decided on working with animals. After finding out I would need my maths and English to be able to do an animal care course, I enrolled on these at Wellington House.

Since starting GOALS I've completed maths level 1 and I'm going on to do level 2, then GCSE. I have also passed the level 2 English course and now heading for GCSEs. I've also done an ICT course and passed my exams.

All in all GOALS has changed my thinking; now I'm more positive about what the future holds. After all, there's only one person can make a difference in my life, and that's me. From last year to this year is a total change in mind set and attitude. I have the confidence, attitude and ability to change my life, due to GOALS and Adult Skills and Community Learning."

Baharak’s story

Baharak was a student on one of our teaching assistant courses. This is what Baharak told us about their experience with us:

"I enrolled on the teaching assistant course in 2016 and completed my qualification in 2018. During this time I completed levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as GCSE maths and English.

The tutors were really friendly, helpful and encouraging which made me achieve my goals. As English is my second language I was really nervous, but they treated me the same and welcomed me. I felt supported, cared for and encouraged in the classes and made good friends.

After I finished my courses I started applying for jobs but didn’t get anywhere. When my tutor suggested I contact the learner service department I made an appointment and was helped to understand how to fill in the application forms. Without this advice and guidance I wouldn't have got an interview. This made me so confident about myself and my abilities. They also helped me with interview advice and encouraged me not to give up.

I've now been accepted for a job and I'm so glad that I went to Adult Skills and Community Learning as it helped me to find new friends, get a higher education, find a good job that I like and use my new skills to help others, as well as my family.

I'd like to take this opportunity and thanks them with all my heart."

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