Adult Skills and Community Learning

Our popular courses for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LLDD) are designed to help you to develop skills for independent living, gain an understanding of working life or improve your wellbeing. 

If you're interested in one of our LLDD courses please get in touch and we'll help you to choose the right course and level for you.  

All our courses are delivered in a supportive and friendly environment. When you enrol, your tutor will help you plan your learning journey to make sure it meets your individual needs.

Choose a course from the list below to read more about each subject area.


What our clients say

  • I like learning about different things, meeting new people, helping other people.
    LLDD course adult learner
  • I think that the course is doing me good, because I am learning new skills.
    LLDD course adult learner
  • I voted for the first time after learning about voting which I really enjoyed.
    LLDD course adult learner
  • I think the teacher is a very caring person. I would like to come back next year.
    LLDD course adult learner

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