Adult Skills and Community Learning

This course is for learners with a learning difficulty and/or learning disabilities who want to develop skills to find work.

Length of course

The classes are two hours long and the course lasts for a maximum of 18 weeks.

Course content

You'll develop skills in areas including:

  • basic English
  • composing a CV
  • filling in an application form
  • what to wear for work
  • how to behave at work
  • health and safety in the workplace
  • how to identify the personal skills and qualities you have to apply for an appropriate job
  • understanding and identifying roles and responsibilities in the workplace
  • improving communication, presentation and body language
  • job search tips

How to apply

Contact us online for more information or to book your place.

We'll also look at any additional support or learning materials that you may need.

If you're already learning with our LLDD department your tutor can tell you about your next steps.

Course fees

The cost of the course varies depending on length and includes all tuition and materials. 

If you're under 24, or receive certain benefits, you may be entitled to a fee reduction or remission. See our information about paying for a course for details.

What you can do next

We encourage all learners to continue their development by enrolling on additional courses.

What our learners say

  • I like learning about different things, meeting new people, helping other people.
    LLDD course adult learner
  • I think that the course is doing me good, because I am learning new skills.
    LLDD course adult learner
  • I voted for the first time after learning about voting which I really enjoyed.
    LLDD course adult learner
  • I think the teacher is a very caring person. I would like to come back next year.
    LLDD course adult learner

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