Course content 

The aim of this course is to support you along your journey towards independence.  Specifically if you're a learner with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. The course will assist you to gain the confidence needed to be able to speak up for yourself and make choices.

This course will enable you to:

  • Examine the different sources of support in the local area.
  • Have the ability to speak-up for yourself and the things that are important to you.
  • Have the confidence to ask for what you need and want and tell people about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities and are able to make choices and decisions that affect your life.

You'll also develop the following skills for work:

  • Work as part of a team, sharing your ideas and experience to complete tasks
  • Be a good listener and follow instructions correctly
  • Be resilient and have the ability to stick with a task, even if things don’t go to plan. You can learn from setbacks
  • Literacy and numeracy skills will be embedded throughout the course

Course delivery 

  • 20 hours programme spread over 10 weeks with one session per week delivered face to face in a classroom.
  • Work on your own and in a group throughout the course.
  • Some working on your own will be required after each session.
  • Continued tutor support available.

What do you need?

  • Paper or notebook and pen
  • To attend all sessions

Entry requirements

  • You'll have already completed an advice and guidance appointment to make sure this is the right course for you.
  • You should have a desire to want to develop your individual skills to live a more independent life.

Course fees

The cost of the course is £88.50 which includes your tuition and awarding organisation fees, however, you may be entitled to fee remission/fee reduction depending on your individual circumstances.  Contact us for more details.

How to apply


Successful completion of the course will enable you to have the confidence to speak up for yourself and make individual choices or further study.

What our learners say

  • I enjoyed all aspects of the course and will continue to use these skills at home
    Adult learner

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