Adult Skills and Community Learning

This 6 week accredited maths course is aimed at learners who would like to learn some of the maths skills required when working in a particular vocational setting.

The vocational areas are:

  • Health and social care
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Catering
  • Hair and beauty

Formal learning will be blended with practical tasks to engage you and reinforce your learning.

Course details

You'll improve your maths skills within a small group of learners working at the same level.

  • One 3 hour classroom based session each week
  • At least one hour of individual homework tasks to be completed each week
  • Weekly individual tutor support available by Webex, email and telephone
  • Online BKSB resources and assessments for additional study and regular progress checks.

Health and Social Care

Maths Skills:

  • Read, record and compare temperature (E3)
  • Read, measure and record time (E3)
  • Use standard and non-standard units of length, weight and capacity (E3)
  • Read and record lengths, weights and capacities (E3)
  • Use appropriate measuring instruments (E3)
  • Approximate measurements (E3)
  • Describe and sort 2D shapes and use their properties to solve practical problems (E3)

This course will can help learners to develop the following employment skills:

  • Weigh patients using digital and analogue scales
  • Measure patient height in kilograms or stones and pounds
  • Calculate BMI
  • Measure patient temperature using different types of thermometer
  • Compare temperatures
  • Calculate the volume of liquid required in millilitres or litres
  • Calculate with time accurately to plan medication required
  • Calculate calories or sugar volumes in food items
  • Measure capacity accurately and mix cleaning products according to given instructions


Maths Skills:

  • Record money (E3)
  • Add amounts of money with and without a calculator (E3)
  • Subtract one amount of money from another with and without a calculator (E3)
  • Check calculations using a calculator (E3)
  • Round amounts of money to the nearest 10p or £1 (E3)
  • Read, record and compare temperature (E3)
  • Read, measure and record time (E3)

This course and these aims will help learners develop the following employment skills:

  • Adding and subtracting money to calculate the total price or the change required
  • Calculating the number of items that will fit on a shelf using length measures (millimetres, centimetres of metres)
  • Calculating simple fractional and percentage discounts to work out the new price for items
  • Ordering goods in size order
  • Using a thermometer to measure temperature and recognising temperatures that are warmer/colder than a recommended limit
  • Identifying the use by date on products and rotating stock accordingly
  • Measure capacity accurately and mix cleaning products according to given instructions

What do you need?

  • Folder, paper or notebook and pen
  • Mathematical equipment such as a basic calculator, ruler, pencil, eraser
  • If you have access to a computer and the internet you will be able to do additional study at home on BKSB and other recommended maths websites.

Entry requirements

Learners will have already completed the following courses with ASCL:

  • IAG and initial assessment on the BKSB software and achieved a result at Entry 3 or Level 1
  • the non-accredited ‘Getting Started,’ unit at Entry 3 or Level 1

How to apply 

Contact us online for more information or to book your place.

What you can do next

Gaining a formal qualification can help you to progress in work or go on to further education.

What our learners say

  • The tutor made me feel comfortable in class. I gained more confidence to have a go at maths problems. The tutor met my learning needs. I feel more confident at maths.
    Adult learner
  • Friendly and helpful,relaxed learning environment. Good supportive tutor.
    Adult learner
  • I enjoyed everything in the course. Great tutor, friendly people.
    Adult learner

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