Adult Skills and Community Learning

Introduction to Health and Social Care 

This short course is designed as a first step if you are considering a role in the health and social care sector and want to find out more about working in the sector. The course will introduce you to the roles and responsibilities of a social care worker and discuss the range of places you might work.

Courses leading to qualifications 

The level 1 working in health and social care course is an ideal stepping stone if you'd like to work in the health and social care sector. You'll get a grounding in the subject and a chance to develop more general workplace skills before applying for work. You'll explore the roles in social care and the impact that your work with vulnerable people can have. This course is an excellent preparation for higher level study on a vocational programme. 

The level 2 health and social care course will support you to develop the knowledge and skills required to work in a range of healthcare support settings. It will be in a health and adult care environments. The course will cover the information you need to work in a range of settings and will allow you to explore your options. 

At level 2 you will be using your knowledge, skills and ideas to complete clear tasks and tackle straightforward problems. This includes taking responsibility for completing tasks under guidance, while showing you can also think independently. 

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