Adult social care


Welcome to our Local Account.

It tells you how well our adult social care services performed last year.  It also describes how we plan to improve our services further. 

How did we perform and how much did we spend in 2022-23

You can see how well we did as part of NHS Digital’s Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF). This measures how well we delivered care and support services against the things that matter most to people. These are things all local councils must report on.

Here's a breakdown of our spending over the past year:

Area Cost 
Physical and sensory support £18,214
Support for memory and cognition £7,504
Learning disability support £21,939
Mental health support £3,364
Social support: Support to carers £1,113
Social care activities £7,447
Information and early intervention £1,450
Commissioning and service delivery £978
Social support: Asylum seeker support £439
Total  £62,448
Assessment and care  £7,447
Residential and nursing  £15,482
Community-based care  £35,539
Information and early intervention  £3,002
Commissioning and service delivery  £978
Total  £62,448

What we're proud of

Our Better Lives Programme focuses on wellbeing, independence and community resilience. Placing the people we support at the heart of everything we do, our services have achieved some positive things over the past year, including:

Overall satisfaction of people who use services for their care and support

How happy people are with the care and support services in Barnsley went down a bit to 74.5% from 78.3% last year. But even with this slight drop, we're doing much better than the national average, which is 64.4%. In fact, compared to all the other councils in the country, Barnsley is the second-best when it comes to making people satisfied with their care and support services.

How many people feel safe and secure while using services in Barnsley

This went down a bit to 93.9% from 95% last year. Despite this small dip, we're still doing better than the national average, which is 87.1%. Actually, compared to all the other councils in the country, Barnsley is the best when it comes to making people feel safe and secure with the services they use. 

Front Door Team

The Front Door system has led to better partnership work and improved safeguarding concerns. The team is working hard to help more people in the community, especially with the higher demand for services. This is good news for those who rely on these services.

The proportion of adults with learning disabilities in paid employment

More adults with learning disabilities are now working and getting paid, thanks to the supported employment program. We noticed we could do better in this area last year, and now we have. In Barnsley, 5.7% of people with learning disabilities are employed, which is a big step up from 4.4% last year. We're doing better than the average for England, which is 4.8%, and we even hit our own goal of 5%.

Adult Joint Commissioning

The Think Local Act Personal co-production group gave positive feedback on how Adult Joint Commissioning care providers in delivering better quality care. They use things like compliance checks and surprise visits to make sure things are going smoothly.

Where we need to improve

Long-term support needs of older adults (aged 65 plus) delivered by admission to residential and nursing care homes

We're still working on making sure older adults get the right long-term support. Our performance, at 787 per 100,000 people, is better than last year when it was 871.4. We're making sure to look at all requests for residential care carefully. We want to explore more independent options for people, and have reduced our rate. Early indicators suggest we are continuing to improve in this area. 

A proportion of older people (aged 65 and over) offered reablement services following discharge from the hospital

We're keeping an eye on how many older people, aged 65 and over, are offered reablement services after leaving the hospital. Our performance is currently at 1.40%, which is a bit less than last year when it was 1.70%. It's also lower than the national average of 2.9%. The Think Local Act Personal co-production group thinks we can do better in this area to help people become more independent, and we're looking into ways to improve it. We also recognise that other areas include services outside the local authority as part of their data return. We are looking at this for the future.

The proportion of people who use services and find it easy to access information about services 

We're happy to share that a good number of people, 72.7%, find it easy to get information about services in Barnsley. This is better than the national average of 67.2%, putting us at 23rd place. But, according to the Think Local Act Personal co-production group, we can do even better. They recommend updating the LiveWell website and sharing more information about the support available to make things even easier for everyone.

Co-production and hard-to-reach groups

We know we can do better in working together to make adult social care improvements. That means getting input from people, families, and our partner organisations. We're also focusing on reaching out to groups that might be harder to involve. The feedback from the local account shows that people want to see improvements in this area in the future, and we're committed to making that happen.

Full local account report 2022-23

You can take a look at our full report for local account for 2022-23.

We're committed to reviewing and improving the support our Adult Social Care services offer. We'd love to hear your feedback on our Local Account.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please share them with us in our local account feedback survey.