Council tax account enquiries

Council tax bills are issued in March each year for the financial year ahead, 1 April to 31 March.

New and amended bills may also be issued in circumstances, where an account adjustment is required.

If you have not received a bill please contact us.

Want to pay your council tax bill?

You can pay your bill by Direct Debit. You can set your Direct Debit up online or you can download a form which needs to be completed and returned to us. You can also make an automated payment by debit or credit card.

Do you have a council tax bill?

If so you can view the details online using the 'My Account' link above. 

For more information on how the council tax charge is calculated visit annual notification of council tax.

You could, depending on eligibility, be entitled to discounts, exemption or council tax support to reduce the amount payable on your council tax bill.

Moving into or vacating your property

If you are moving into or out of a property, including Berneslai Homes and private rented property, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible. 

To inform us of a change please download the council tax liability form and return it to us.

Changes in circumstances

Please notify us of changes in your circumstances; such as no longer qualifying for a discount or exemption, as soon as possible. Contact us.

Failure to maintain payments

It is important to ensure that payments are maintained as required because failure to do so may result in recovery proceedings being taken to enforce payment.

We are required by legislation to enforce council tax recovery proceedings where payments are not made and non-payers are subject to the procedures laid down in the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations.

If you do not make payments in accordance with the instalment instruction set out on the bill, we will issue a 'reminder notice' specifying the amount required to bring payments up to date. If payments are not brought up to date within seven days, then after a further seven days the full amount outstanding on the bill will become due for payment.

If you have made payments to bring your account up to date after receiving a reminder notice, but default from making the required payment again, we will issue a further 'final notice' requesting payment. If payments are then not brought up to date within seven days the full amount will become due.

Where payments are not brought up to date in accordance with the reminder, or the final notice, we will request authority from the magistrates' court to issue a court summons for non-payment. Additional costs will be incurred and become payable if a summons is issued. Unless full payment is then made before the court hearing date, we will make an application for a 'liability order' which will enable us to take further recovery proceedings in order to obtain payment.

Additional costs for the granting of the liability order will also be added to the council tax account.

A liability order enables us to take further action to enforce payment, by either making an order for an attachment of earnings order or requesting the Benefits Agency to make deductions from income support or jobseekers allowance benefits or employment and support allowance (currently at the rate of £3.65 per week). Where necessary, bailiff action can also be taken to enforce to obtain payment. More details can be found on dealing with the bailiff.

We may also consider the issue of committal to prison proceedings in the magistrates' court, if other proceedings such as charging orders, bankruptcy or bailiff action fail to collect outstanding charges.

If you receive a notice for unpaid council tax, but cannot pay, please contact us.

Costs incurred in the issue of recovery proceedings can be expensive. Receiving a summons will incur costs of £52 and the granting of liability will incur further costs of £28. Other stages of recovery action such as bailiff and committal proceedings will incur substantially more. Costs will be added to the balance of council tax payable.

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