Debt collection and enforcement

Administering and collecting income is an important part of our financial management. 

Every uncollected debt impacts on the cash we have available to provide front line services for Barnsley residents.

Wherever possible, we collect payment for the services we deliver either before, or at the point, we deliver them.

How we'll collect payments

We'll look to recover overdue amounts in a prompt, consistent, firm and fair manner.

We recognise that there may be instances where people are facing genuine financial hardship, and will handle these cases sympathetically. However, we'll take a firmer approach with those who deliberately seek to withhold payment.

We'll issue prompt and clear demands for payment, explaining why payment is required, when it must be made and how the customer can pay. If you need any explanation about a debt, contact us.

Where a debtor won’t pay

We'll take prompt action against customers who don't make necessary payments and use all means available to recover unpaid debts, including the use of debt collection agencies, litigation through the county and magistrates court, use of bailiffs, insolvency proceedings and committal to prison.

Where a debtor can’t pay

We'll consider all cases of financial difficulty positively and sympathetically and will make reasonable payment arrangements with customers, which are affordable and mutually agreeable.

Direct earnings attachments

Where debtors haven't repaid Housing Benefit over payments, the law allows us to collect the outstanding amount from their wages. Their employer must make payment to us until the debt is repaid, in accordance with the Social Security (Overpayments and Recovery) Regulations 2013.

See our guide for employers explaining how to do this.