Council tax support and housing benefit change in circumstances

You’ll need to tell us if you move house and about any other changes in the circumstances of anyone living in your home.

Please inform us of any change within one month to avoid losing any benefit or allowance.

If you've moved house

You can fill in our change in circumstances form to tell us you have moved. If you’re moving into a housing association or private rented property you may need to provide proof of your rent. This can be a signed tenancy agreement or signed letter from your landlord.

You need to use our evidence form to upload your documents.

If you can’t provide evidence of your rent, please ask your landlord to fill in our online proof of rent form.

Changing your bank account

Please use our bank details form if you have changed the bank account that we pay your housing benefit into.

All other changes to your circumstances

We calculate your housing benefit and council tax support by looking at the details of everyone who lives in your house. This includes your partner, children and any non-dependents

You’ll need to fill in a change in circumstances form if:

  • you or your partner stop receiving Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit.
  • there are other changes to your income or the income of anyone who lives with you.
  • someone moves in or out of your house.
  • you move address (this includes moving flats or rooms in the same building).
  • your Tax Credit changes.
  • any of your children leave school.
  • your rent has changed.
  • you have more or less in your savings.
  • there are changes in the circumstances of any non-dependents (link to page) who live with you
  • if you have any more children or any children start living in your home.

At the end of the form it will tell you what evidence we need to process the changes. You can upload your documents using our evidence form

Next steps

When you've told us about any change we'll work out whether it affects your housing benefit or council tax support and write to you with your new benefit award.

This will generally take no longer than ten working days, once we've received all the information that we need from you.

It’s your responsibility to tell us about any changes to your circumstances. If you’ve been overpaid housing benefit because you haven’t informed us about a change you'll need to pay back the overpayment.