How to use our online forms

We introduced online application forms inĀ April 2015 for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support, Council Tax and business rates.

You'll need to complete the relevant forms to apply for benefits, discounts or exemptions.

The forms are easy to use and guide you through your application. This makes sure that you only fill in the sections that are relevant for you.

You can read our Electronic Claims Policy to find out more about how we are using online forms.

If you need any support to use one of our online forms you can contact us.

Providing an electronic signature

When you have filled in your online form you'll be asked to check and agree the information you've provided. Do this in the form by ticking a box before you submit it to us. This is your electronic signature to confirm that the information you have given to us is correct.

We have a legal document to allow us to use electronic signatures called a Direction on Electronic Communications.