Importing animals

There are different importation regulations, depending on whether you're importing into the UK or importing into overseas countries. Quarantine regulations are still in force in the UK and it's illegal to disobey them.

Bringing your pet into the UK

If you're intending to import a pet from overseas that needs to be in quarantine we'd recommend that you plan ahead and book your pet in early, as kennels and catteries are very popular. You can talk to other pet owners and see which premises they recommend and talk to other experts such as vets and breeders. You should agree all costs in advance and make sure that they cover all possible eventualities. The RSPCA can provide a list of quarantine kennels/catteries

For the latest information about importing animals into the UK from abroad you should visit the DEFRA website. 

Exporting animals to overseas countries

Regulations for the importation of animals into overseas locations vary, depending on the country concerned. Before you move overseas you're advised to contact DEFRA.