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Emptying your bins

Your bin collection days, reporting a missed bin, and asking for help to put your bins out if you need it.

Check your bin days and download your collection calendar.

Putting your bin out for collection

Please make sure that your bin is in the right place before 6am on the day for collection.  

You will need to keep your bin on your property until collection day.  Your bins must not cause an obstruction on the pavement or road at any time. 

Ask for a new bin collection

If you're moving into a new or empty property and would like us to start collecting your bins, you'll need to:

When we receive your request, we'll add you to our rounds.

Have we missed your bin?

If we’ve not emptied your bin, it may be because our crew has had a breakdown or the bin lorry is full.  We may not have been able to collect any of the bins on your street.  Check here for known service disruptions.

Please leave your bins out and we’ll collect them as soon as our crews can get back to you.

Report a missed bin

If your neighbour’s bins have been emptied but not yours, you can report a missed bin.

Only report that your bin has been missed if you put it out before 6am on the day for collection.

When we receive your form, we’ll look into the matter and respond within five working days.

If you didn’t put your bin out on time, we won’t return to empty it and you’ll have to wait until your next collection date. 

If it’s our mistake, we’ll let you know when we’ll be back to empty your bin. 

Report a spilled bin

When you report a spilled bin. we’ll come back to clean up any spilled waste as soon as we can.

Help to put your bins out

If you can't move your bins to the kerbside for collection, we may be able to do this for you.

You can apply for help to put your bins out out if:

  • you're 80 years old or over and live alone
  • both you and your partner are 80 or over
  • you have a physical disability and don’t live with anyone who can take your bins to the kerbside

If we approve your application, we’ll let you know when help with your collection will start.  Please make sure that we can get to your bins easily and that they are kept in the same place every week.  If we have any problems collecting your bins, we’ll get in touch. 

Please tell us if your circumstances change and you want to cancel help to put your bins out.

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