Civil partnership ceremonies

You can choose to hold a civil partnership ceremony at any register office or other building approved for civil ceremony (called an approved premise) within England and Wales.  

Register office  

If you wish to hold a civil partnership ceremony at a register office, you must first contact the Superintendent Registrar at the office where you wish to hold the ceremony to check that the date and time are available. Most register offices will make a provisional booking. There may be a booking fee payable, and then they will give you sufficient time to deal with the legal formalities

The registrar will need to see certain documents relating to identity, marital status, nationality and residence. 

Approved premises  

If you wish to have your ceremony at an approved premise you will need to make arrangements at the venue as well as arranging for the attendance of the local registration officers at your ceremony.

It is essential that you agree the date and time for your ceremony with both the local register office and the venue before you make any other arrangements. Again, the register office will make a provisional booking and allow you sufficient time to deal with the legal formalities.

For details of the approved premises in the Barnsley registration district please follow this link.