Barnsley Premier Supplier Programme

Be acknowledged as one of our Premier suppliers

We are responsible for many of the key services that are important to local communities such as - schools, libraries, social services, highways maintenance, waste disposal, emergency planning, consumer protection and the Fire and Rescue Service.

Suppliers that are part of the Premier Supplier Programme will receive recognition of this on our website, leading to increased visibility to stakeholders both inside and outside the council.

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Benefits for you

Targeted same day invoice processing

Linked to early payment, as a member of the Programme this is something you will be entitled to benefit from.

Nominated contacts within the council

As a member of the Premier Supplier Programme, you will have nominated contacts within the council who are dedicated to providing you with an end to end specialised service to ensure early payment is achieved. 

Future developments

This is the first step in a longer term process to improve business relationships. Further beneficial features will be added in response to feedback from participating suppliers. 

Future e-commerce developments

One of the most significant developments is that we're committed to e-invoicing, which will bring the following benefits to suppliers: 
  • The elimination of paper invoices and the associated manual processes. 
  • A reduction in data entry errors.
  • The ability for invoices to be immediately released for payment, where appropriate. 
  • Improvement in the number of days that payment can be accelerated

Benefits for us

The Barnsley Premier Supplier Programme benefits us, by enabling us to make the best use of our resources to:

  • ensure financial stability of our supply base
  • foster closer working relationships with our key suppliers
  • generate income which can be reinvested into delivering front line services
  • ensures that we can comply with approved 'Purchase to Pay' processes

"Although there is a small rebate payable, our invoices are paid within the 7 days turnaround and our communication has improved, providing us with a constant cash flow."

GM Asquith Fabrications Ltd

Barnsley Premier Supplier Programme partner