Business Resilience Awards 2022

We're hosting an awards evening to recognise the resilience shown by businesses across the Barnsley borough through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The six award categories are detailed below.

Any business could be nominated– one that you own or run, a colleague or a friend owns or runs, or one that you’ve visited as a customer or guest. Nominations closed at midnight on Sunday 8 May 2022. 

Business Pivot Award

This category focused on businesses who diversified or adapted their products or services during the pandemic to offer something new in a changing environment.

Business Resilience Award

This category focussed on businesses who managed to show resilience and adaptability, overcome the odds and achieved their goals, while facing challenging circumstances.

Community Award

This category was for businesses who have offered support during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, establishing or building on a strong commitment to the local community and made a tangible difference to society.

COVID-19 Start-Up Award

The COVID-19 Start Up Award recognised enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit, a culture which is perhaps now more important than ever, to assist the borough’s economic recovery.

Lockdown Hero Award

The Lockdown Hero Award was for an individual working within our town centre who was inspired throughout lockdown to reach out to their communities as services shut down and people were forced into isolation.

Sustainability Award

This celebrated businesses that adapted during the pandemic to develop a more sustainable way of operating, building back better.