Be Well @ Work Award

Barnsley Council, along with the other South Yorkshire councils, is offering free of charge support for businesses to achieve accreditation to this new South Yorkshire award.

The Be Well @ Work Award provides a framework for a business to work towards building good practice in workplace health and wellbeing. It will help you create a culture that aligns with your overall business goals, enhance your business reputation and help make your business a great place to work.

Award structure

The award is free and supports all types of employer: public, private or voluntary sector; small, medium or large organisation. You can gain recognition for your efforts and be awarded a certificate, allowing for progression through bronze, silver to gold certification. Once awarded, the certificate is valid for two years. If you decide to progress to the next level before the end of the two year period, you can request to be reassessed.

By considering the award, you will find out what you are already doing well, and where you can make improvements. You may already meet many of the award criteria and be able to achieve recognition for this by achieving award accreditation. The award scheme criteria will also give you ideas and targets to work towards, which you can include within a plan of action.

How to join the award scheme

For more information on the criteria and how you can achieve accreditation with the award, contact your workplace health officer.

Helpful resources

For a range of model policies and guidelines to help businesses working for the Be Well @ Work Award, see our workplace health resources.