Workplace health support for employers

The workplace plays a key role in contributing to the health of its employees. Looking after employee health pays - it has significant business benefits giving businesses a competitive edge.

Why workplace health is important

There is a wealth of evidence that shows having a healthy, engaged workforce brings clear benefits for employees and businesses alike, with improved quality and productivity.

Employee health has become a key issue as businesses face the costs and potential impact of high absence levels and employee ill-health. Businesses are recognising that their biggest asset is their workers and keeping the workforce healthy - both physically and mentally - is beneficial for both employer and employee. It is a key element to a successful business and gives that competitive edge in the current climate.

Poor employee health costs huge amounts of money to employers relating to sick pay, absence to attend medical appointments, employee turnover, recruitment and lower employee productivity.

Looking after your employees, and helping them gain the benefits of good health, pays.

Be Well@Work Programme

The Be Well@Work Programme is a free service to businesses across South Yorkshire which includes the following:

  • Free workplace visit - a short meeting for initial discussions around workplace health and how you can make changes to fit your business
  • Workplace Health Needs Assessment - an employee survey and analysis report, which will help determine priorities for improving employee health and wellbeing in your workplace
  • Workplace health information - access to a suite of information and resources, such as template policies, which can help you to develop your health and wellbeing programme and help to address your business priorities
  • Training - a range of workshops, training and events are made available to improve workplace health e.g. mental health training, drugs and alcohol training and workplace champion training.
  • Accreditation - the Be Well@Work South Yorkshire award accredits good practice at bronze, silver or gold levels

For more information contact us using our online form. Your local workplace health advisor will then arrange to visit you, discuss next steps and support you throughout the process.