Discretionary relief

If you’re a non-profit making organisation, you’re not automatically entitled to rate relief, but we may grant discretionary rate relief, in some cases up to 100%, if:

  • your main objectives are charitable, religious, or concerned with education, social welfare, science, literature and the fine arts;
  • your property is used wholly or mainly for the purpose of recreation

Read our current policy (from April 2016) and our previous discretionary relief guidelines (prior to April 16) if you need more detail.

Apply for discretionary rate relief

You can apply for discretionary relief using our online form.

We won’t be able to consider your application without the relevant information about how your organisation’s run so please make sure you include details about:

  • how your organisation contributes to the amenities of the area
  • whether membership is open to all the community
  • whether your organisation encourages open membership, for example all age groups, either sex etc
  • the range of facilities provided by your organisation
  • whether the facilities offered are available to non-members, for example schools or other groups
  • if your organisation provides teaching skills, facilities for the community, for example for disabled people
  • whether the facilities have been provided through self-help or grant aid
  • if your organisation’s received any other support from the council
  • whether members pay a subscription and if so what this amounts to
  • how you’ll use any savings resulting from relief being granted
  • whether there’s a distinction between playing and non-playing members (for sporting organisations)
  • the name and address of the owner of the property you’re claiming relief for

To support your application, you’ll also need to upload a copy of your organisation’s:

  • memorandum and articles to show what you do
  • audited accounts and balance sheets for the last two years (if these aren’t available, provide financial statements prepared by an appropriate officer of the organisation)
  • tenancy agreement (where applicable)

Disputing our decision

You can ask us to reconsider our decision if we don’t award you a relief or exemption. You can do this by completing our dispute form within 28 days of receiving our decision.